Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fun weekend in SE Iowa

This last week was super busy for us.   We made the decision to remove the house from FSBO and interview realtors.  So this last week, we contacted three realtors and arranged for them to review our house as we have had it staged and then question them on their marketing strategy.  Two were very similar, but the third really stood out on her progressive and technical marketing ideas.  We went with the third one.  She made four recommendations for some changes we should make before we go forward.  So in addition to getting ready for the Airstream rally, we would be leaving for on Thursday, we also worked on a couple of the changes.

After meeting with the realtor on Thursday afternoon to confirm we would be listing with her upon our return, we set out about 5:15 for southern Iowa.  The Iowa unit would be holding their Fall Festival rally at the Heartland Christian camp in Birmingham, IA.  It was quite dark when we arrived about 8:30.  Our host, Paul, came and directed us into the site where we had requested full hook-ups.  We were the only ones which had, but I am glad we had them since we have such small tanks on our '74'.  We then joined a few couples enjoying a nice campfire.  

After about an hour visiting, we called it a night.  The next day was a free day as most of the other attendees would still be arriving.  The areas' small villages hold fairs, crafts booths, food vendors and other displays on this weekend along with garage sales and fleas markets.  Friday wasn't crowded as we drove the back roads, as set up prep was still going on. We had breakfast at the "Cup and Cake" in Keosaqua before driving around.  Check it out, it's a nice bakery for a small town.  We stopped in Cantrel at the Dutchman's store, an Amish grocery store that I have to visit when we are in the area.  We also checked out the Lacey-Keosaqua State park, where they were setting up for the Buckskinner Rendezvous.  After driving around the state park campground we determined that it was not appealing to us, so we would not put it on our list of campgrounds we like.   After visiting a few more of the small towns we headed back to camp to join the arrivals for supper.  

The next day after breakfast with the group, it was again a free day to explore on our own.  Us along with two other couples decided our first stop would be the Cattlemen's dog trials.  We watched for about 45 minutes, but the sitting area was so far back from the action it was impossible to hear and not the easiest to see all the action, so we decided to head over to the Buckskinners Rendezvous. 

The Rendezvous wasn't nearly as big as previous ones we have attended, but it was enough to hold our attention for about an hour.  Next we headed to Bentonsport but it was such a mad house and had huge crowds, which I do not enjoy, so we kept driving.  

Finally we headed back to camp to relax and visit with others.  In the evening it was the installation of the new officers for the unit, after another joint meal.  Afterwards we enjoyed another nice camp fire and visit.  

Sunday we headed to Ledges State park just south of Boone, IA. Our future home town, once we get our new house built, hopefully next year.  It was Dan's birthday, so we wanted to spend some time with him and Steph, along with Mary.  After a delicious meal at Red Lobster, we headed back to camp for another fire with cake and s'mores.  

Monday was running a few errands around Ames and then we had a nice lunch with Steph and had the opportunity to spend a bit of time with her.  We don't get to do that often enough.   We broke camp and headed out exactly at 3 pm, check-out time.   

So all in all a very enjoyable weekend in Iowa.  Colors are out a bit, but not as brilliant as I had hoped.  That's ok, God's handiwork is always beautiful!!!!

This is our site at Ledges from the back.  We will definitely stay there again.  

Now it's time to winterize.  Who knows though, it might be coming out of storage for us to live in if we sell the house soon.  If so, somewhere warm is where we will head.   :)

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